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Anytime I think about improving my beauty routine or health, I automatically think about supplements or nutrition. Why? Because that’s how you get to the root of the “problem”… from the inside! HUM Nutrition seemed like the best place to start because their slogan is, “Beauty starts from within.” Perfect, right? I thought so. I picked four supplements to cover total body wellness, clear glowing skin, bloating, and digestion. After using all of the supplements consistently for 30 days, I’m here to tell you how it went.

Let’s start with Base Control. It’s your perfect base for all supplements (as the name says). I usually HATE multi-vitamins because they upset my stomach, need to be taken at a certain time, are huge pills, or require you to take more than one. And let’s be honest, I’m doing good to remember to take one pill daily when I think about it. HUM Nutrition makes it easy with this one because you only need to take one pill with food at any time of the day. I love that you have the option of Base Control with or without iron. I chose the one with iron because I have extremely heavy periods and feel absolutely drained while Aunt Flo is visiting. My energy levels were much higher and I felt great after a few days of Base Control. If you’re looking for a well-rounded multivitamin, I highly recommend this one! It has everything you need from thyroid support, antioxidants, bone support, to metabolism boosters.

59cf1a7cb2c34Next up is Daily Cleanse, which cleanses your skin, liver, bowels, kidneys, and lungs. To be totally honest, I didn’t have the highest hopes for this one because most “cleanses” are a total rip-off. Well, I was shocked to say the least when Daily Cleanse became my favorite supplement QUICKLY! Within one week, I could tell a huge difference in my skin. It was glowing! Even the annoying hormonal acne I usually get never showed up! I also felt like my stomach was flatter from it- but, love that it didn’t make me run to the bathroom like most cleanses do. Because nobody has time for that. All you need to do is pop two pills at anytime without food. (I took these first thing in the morning.) I’ll be keeping Daily Cleanse in my supplement regimen FOR LIFE. *Add to cart, NOW.*


Collagen Love is one of those undercover supplements. You know the kind that you can’t see instant results but you just KNOW it’s helping? That’s what this beauty does. I already told you Daily Cleanse made my skin glow, well collagen love is the perfect BFF for it. My skin felt more plump and less dehydrated. When I went in for my quarterly forehead botox, I only needed 20 units instead of the usual 25. That’s a win in my book. If you have joint pain, this one could also help with that because of the chondroitin. Three tiny gel capsules at anytime with food will have your wrinkles fading away while your skin is feeling smoother and hydrated! “Get it right, get it tight.” (I hope you just sang that like I did.)


Last, but certainly not least, we have Flatter Me. This is now a staple in my purse! I’m allergic to gluten and completely cut it out of my diet about four years ago but slowly introduced it again. I can eat it sparingly and have few adverse reactions, BUT- it always makes me look 9 months pregnant afterwards. As in I literally look like I’m about to pop out a baby. Well well well… then came Flatter Me. One of these pills before a meal and you’re golden! No bloating. No indigestion. I’ll be honest (as usual) I get GASSY after almost every meal. Nope, not after taking these! I’m sure Ben is thankful for them too. I could also tell that I got full faster, but never felt stuffed to the point of needing to unbutton my pants and try to hide it with my purse as I left a restaurant. We’ve all done it. 10/10 recommend.

If you’re trying to figure out where to start in the supplement game, I highly recommend these four! They’re affordable, work great, are non-GMO, gluten free, pure, and potent. All of which are important to me when choosing supplements. Use my referral code 13F7EF to save $10 off your order of $29 or more. I love that they also provide discounts for subscribing: 90 day plan= 15% off, 6 month plan=20% off, and 12 month plan=25% off. Remember, consistency is key with all supplements and health routines. Let me know how you like them after you try them!

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