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Big is beautiful… 

Warning: Touchy topic ahead with no sugar coating. 

Calling someone “fat” is a HUGE no-no, but saying a girl looks “manly” or “skinny” is ok. Umm, negative ghost rider.

Big is beautiful, but it doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Some of you feel like I just slapped you, don’t you? Well, don’t. You know I’m all about tough love and this may be the wakeup call you need.

Why is it acceptable to tell a woman they’re too muscular or too skinny but never ok to say they’re overweight?

NEWS FLASH: It isn’t.

In my mind there are two body types, healthy & unhealthy. I’m not talking aesthetics. I’m talking facts.

Ladies can be healthy, underweight, or obese. Can you be ANY of those and beautiful? YES, Slay queen. Don’t fool yourself though, it does not mean you’re healthy. I’m all about a woman loving her self and being self confident. To me- loving yourself also means taking care of yourself, which means being healthy.

I’ve actually had people tell me they’re scared to post about their weight loss because they’d be shamed about it since they promote self love. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? You can’t love yourself- or anyone else- if you aren’t alive.  According to the National Institues of Health, obesity & overweight are the second leading cause of PREVENTABLE death in the United States. Preventable death- did you get that? As in dying could be avoided. It is ok to want to be healthy and alive. NOBODY should shame you for that.

Body shaming doesn’t only happen to “big” or “curvy” girls. I get countless messages saying, “I don’t want to be as muscular as you.” Great- because you won’t be. I’ve got great genetics and train my ass off to look like this. I did not wake up like this, nor will you. Next time you think about telling a girl she needs a cheeseburger, looks manly, or that she doesn’t understand what it’s like to be judged- don’t. It’s not your place to decide what size someone should be or if they look good. Are they healthy? If so, then please move along (and if not, keep moving unless they ask your opinion.) Ladies, learn to love yourself and each other. Name calling is SO fifth grade.


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